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Poem by Alexandr Pushkin- Wandering the noisy streets…

the church

Photo is of  The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. ( you can read more about it here . ) I took this photo in March 2010, when I went to St Petersburg, Russia, for 1 week. Alone. It was time to reflect on my life and experience this beautiful city. Some day I will share details of that trip. But for now, here is the poem by legendary Russian poet- 

Alexandr Pushkin.

Wandering the noisy streets…

Wandering the noisy streets,
Entering the crowded church,
Sitting among wild young men,
I am lost in my thoughts.
I say to myself: the years will fly,
And however many are here, we shall all
Go down under the eternal vaults.
Someone’s hour is already at hand.
Gazing at a solitary oak,
I think: this patriarch
Will outlive my forgotten age
As it outlived the age of my fathers.
When I caress a dear child,
I’m already thinking: goodbye!
I yield my place to you: it’s time
For me to decay and you to blossom.
I say goodbye to each day,
Trying to guess
Which among them will be
The anniversary of my death.
And how and where shall I die?
Fighting, travelling, in the waves?
Or will the neighbouring valley
Receive my cold dust?
And though it’s all the same
To the feelingless body,
I should like to rest
Closer to the places I love.
And at the grave’s entrance
Let young life play,
And the beauty of indifferent nature
Never cease to shine.

Alexandr Pushkin


Did you enjoy this poem? I did.


DIY garland made from old crepe paper and yarn.

Hi. I just completed rainbow inspired garland, made out of wrinkled crepe papers and turquois yarn, that have been in storage for very long time. I have resolution this year, to de-clutter in a way, that I would not need to throw things out, so either I reuse things, sell or give away. So this is my 1st project of this kind in 2018.

Once you get to know me, you will realize, that many crafts and DIY projects I do, look like they are made by a child (I am 30+) , I think it’s just because, when I create things, I allow my inner child to take control, and she does! I am so happy that little girl with sticky glue fingers and marker stained hands, has survived.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

-Pablo Picasso


In my soul, I am still that small child who did not care about anything else but the beautiful colors of a rainbow.

-Papiha Ghosh

IMG_1183 IMG_1185





Mama’s veggie stew


Hi, guys. It’s been a hard day, so I am in need of comfort food.

Also it’s cold, so I need something that will warm me up.  I made this veggie stew, which I love, but if you are a professional cook, please look away, because there are definitely some “wrong combinations” here. Oh, and also- I like chunky veggies, so do not judge (lol). Now let me tell you what is in this bowl:









Caraway seeds

Black pepper

Sea salt.


All boiled.

I like root vegetables. And I am glad, that I have been able to stay away from meat, as I used to eat it every day. Now, if I will manage to eat meatless meals 6 days a week I will be happy. I am still breastfeeding and that makes me feel hungry. This stew however was quite filling, so I never missed animal products. And I made big pot- enough for whole family + second helpings.

  • vegan
  • easy to make
  • Value for money
  • fast
  • tasty

Thanks for reading.



Poetry of Sir Philip Sidney… Am I in for a treat?

Did I tell you that I love books? Well, I do. I love everything about them- covers, writing, the way they look, the way they smell (this one is an oldie, so her fragrance is more… intense (read more about book aroma here ), the way I get lost in them, the stories they tell, the travel I make through centuries and continents without leaving comfort of my own home. The extraordinary people, whom I get to meet via book, the things I experience between pages. It is fictional, yet so real!

I will not pretend, that I understand everything this book tells me, but I enjoy its enigma. I enjoy the challenge, which is greater to me than to native speaker, because I am not.. (If you read my other posts, you will know that I used to be Baltic girl in my previous life, before I became Irish.)

So here I am with this beautiful book.

And I am so excited, I had to share it with you.


What my baby eats


I am not a pro in the kitchen, but when my family enjoy their meals, I know, that I am doing something right.

Around 1 year of age we started to introduce solids to the baby, prior to that, it was exclusively breast-milk. We started slowly with bananas, avocado, carrots, potato.  Soon he will be 16 months old and he enjoys his meal times a lot, (I still nurse him in between). Today was first time I gave him three ingredient meal- Potato, carrot and squash, boiled and mashed- easy, fast, simple and he liked it so much! He has eaten all these vegetables separately before, but I thought, that squash and the carrot tasted quite strong on their own. So it was a jackpot today, when he asked for 2nd helping of food! It is actually very easy to feed the baby, and there is absolutely no need of rushing to supermarket for baby- food jars with, suspiciously long list of questionable ingredients.






If you know me, you know, that I am attached mama. I am addicted to my kiddos. I still nurse my youngest and did my 1st boy until he was 15 months old. I baby-wore my 1st until my back felt like it was gonna snap in half, I carry my youngest whenever he stretches his arms to me- and that’s often. I bed-share. I try never to leave them out of my sight and whenever we are separated, for some reason- school, doctors visit, hairdresser etc., I am anxious. I hate to trust other person to mind them. For this reason, I have missed few weddings, parties, shopping trips, even tried to dye my own hair, so I do not have to leave my son for 2-3h. Some will say it’s not living, for me, it was better than knowing he is screaming for mama 2h non-stop, while I get my head (or nails) beautiful… Baby screamed for 2h  when I went to watch aerial dancing show with my mom, (my partner was minding him) the show was so beautiful, but if I knew, baby will cry so hard, I would have never went to the show. For those who wonder why I did not take baby with me- I could not, the music was extremely loud. So I have left my youngest son only few times. Very first time our oldest boy spent night without us, was, when he was 4, and we attended the wedding. At the time, he was our only child. We left him for a night with my mom, but  all kinds of scenarios kept popping up in my head throughout the evening- what if he cries at night and gran does not hear him? He could even get out of the bed and walk out of the house into the night… Into DANGER! What if he falls of the chair or if he opens drawers with meds, knives or scissors, what if the fire starts, does my mum even have fire alarm or fire extinguisher? What if she feeds him something nasty and he gets tummy ache? What if dog bites him, or he falls into the river? Is there river beside their house? I was wreck and no matter how much I enjoyed the wedding, I could not relax until we saw my son safely back following day. Strangest thing- he is not attached to me at all, he loves, being away from home. He was never clingy toddler, you know, the one who bursts into tears, when mama walks away from playschool, leaving him there…  My son just waved me off, and went to play with his friends, I could not believe it and I was happy about it, the last thing I wanted to see, was my boy suffer. Some well wishers warned me, that I will make mammie’s boy out of him, that he will hold onto my skirt and will be afraid of the “big world”, well- it did not happen! Looks like my son is not afraid of anything. Except- turning into Spider-Man, he does not want that to happen…

So on Wednesday, my son went to grans, to spend a night there, he is 6 now, big boy. I thought it will be nice for me and Dinny to spend time together as couple, the baby surely will sleep better without all the noise in the house caused by older two- Erika and Richard. Erika (my niece) went with him, so I knew my mum and Erika both will mind him, but boy, I was anxious again…  This never stops, doesn’t it? There will be teenage years, parties, girlfriends, driving, work, hobbies, travels abroad, extreme weather and every time I will be anxious waiting for him to come home- to me, his mama.

I try to nurture loving relationship between brothers, for future, when we, parents, are not around anymore, for boys to be best friends to each other, to support each other and to accept each other, no matter what. To have each others back, to be there, if needed. When big brother came home after being away, like forever (one night hahahaha ) the little one rushed to him to give him a hug. It was so sweet, it brought tear to my eye.

Quiet happiness is when you watch your kids creating loving bond for life.

Quiet happiness is love.